Unterschriften-Aktion gegen Genmais in Mexico

News vom 27.05.2009


Ausnahmsweise auf Englisch, der Präsidentenerlass vom 06. März 2009 erlaubt die Anpflanzung von gentechnisch verändertem Mais in Mexiko. Durch Einkopieren des Links am Ende dieser Mail in den Webbrowser gelangt man auf die Homepage, wo die Protestunterschriften gesammelt werden. Etwa eine halbe Stunde nach Eintragung bekommt man eine Mail zugeschickt. In dieser Mail auf das Link klicken, um die abgegebene Unterschrift zu aktivieren.


Please sign this letter today and forward this e-mail to friends.

Thank you.

No to transgenic maize! No to genetically modified corn!

You are invited by Red en Defensa del Maíz of Mexico to join them in sending a strong message to:
− the Mexican government
− the Convention on Biological Diversity / Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and
− the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations / FAO.

The indigenous and peasant organizations and communities, environmental organizations, popular education organizations, base organizations, ecclesiastical communities, groups of producers, members of urban movements, scholars, scientists, and political analysts of the Network In Defense of Maize vigorously repudiate the planting of transgenic maize in Mexico. It is a historic crime against the peoples of maize, against biodiversity and food sovereignty, against ten thousand years of indigenous and peasant agriculture that bequeathed this seed for the well being of all the peoples of the world.

It is urgent to respond to a Mexican presidential decree of March 6, 2009 which now permits the planting of transgenic maize.

To send your letter of support go to:

URL der Nachricht:  https://www.chiapas.eu/news.php?id=4605