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Globale Film Festival Berlin: 18.8. Berlin-Mexico: The place we inhabit

Filmtipp vom 15.08.2019

  Da die Filme selbst auf Spanisch, ggf. mit englischen Untertiteln, sind, macht eine detaillierte Ankündigung auf Deutsch ohnehin keinen Sinn. Dank an Libertarian Press Agency für den Hinweis.


Castellano abajo

Globale Film Festival Berlin in collaboration with Ojo del Agua
Comunicación (Oaxaca, Mexico) and Feldmusik (Berlin) present:

Film exhibition from Mesoamerica.

A film screening that values the place where we get the food we consume, the water we drink, the oxygen we breathe, the landscape we enjoy and the culture that identifies us.

Screening the following documentaries:

- Júba Wajiin, resistance in the Guerrero mountain (42’ english subt)

This is the story of Juba Wajiín, a Mé Phaá indigenous community in the mountain of Guerrero, Mexico. They have always had to fight to maintain their territory and their identity. A few years ago, their history took a turn as they knew about that eighty percent of their territory has been granted to two transnational mining companies, without informing or consulting them. These corporations seek to operate with the current predominant mining extractive model: open pit. This would end with their sacred hill, water and leave in its wake innumerable violations of human rights and health effects. But Juba Wajiin has decided to fight.

- The world in a corner (21’ english subt)


In the far west of Mazunte exists a peninsula known as »Punta Cometa« or »Sacred Hill«. In this place, as in many other towns across the world, it is said the sea is a teacher who shows man how to live, fish and at a set time, leave the world forever.

- Ukamau y ké (90’ eng subt)

Abraham Bojórquez - Ukamau Y Ké developed the so-called hip hop in Aymara language, with his rebel lyric shook Latin American society at the beginning of the 21st century. He died violently on the cusp of his musical career the same day he finished recording his second album.

Years later his friend, the rapper and Ecuadorian director Andrés Ramírez, returns to Bolivia to unveil the reasons for his death and to look for him through the Andean circular temporality. In this surreal journey Ukamau and Ké comes back to life through archives, testimonies and dreamlike visions.


- Chiqui-Chiqui. Cocineras de suenos ancestrales (21’ eng subt)

Collective of women in Tabaco, La Guajira, Colombia, who through
different expressions (traditional kitchens, crafts, music, etc.) make
cultural resistance.

Sunday 18.08.2019, Time: 15:00, Tempelhoferfeld Haus 104, Berlin

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Globale Film Festival Berlin
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